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We combine a careful blend of technical
finesse, close communication and real-
world common sense to help some
incredibly cool and innovative
companies build the most dynamic yet
robust software applications, products
and systems.
Our perspective begins at eye level -
with a clear understanding of our clients
software and information technology
project objectives and deliverables,
methodologies, goals and challenges.

Our responsibility to our clients is
delivering value-added professional
services using our hands-on approach
and relentless focus on execution and
tangible results.

And many of our new engagements
come from existing clients - a testament
to our ability to consistently deliver
Implemented critical and high priority Information Security and Fraud Prevention projects for centralized database that serves data to over 1,600 applications and stores information for over 400 million users worldwide. Reviewed and validated over 1,600 applications for security compliance.
Responsible for designing the batch load strategy required to upload data in a batch and scheduled fashion into Oracle EBS. Configured and developed Interfaces, Procedures, Models using Oracle Data Integrator for E-LT uploads of data from file into Oracle EBS for various batch interfaces
Developed resource capacity planning tool to provide visibility into resource allocation and availability and drive process improvement for source control strategy for multiple concurrent development projects for Cocoa Framework team.  
Project Management services for web
based application that integrates with
various other enterprise systems using
manages user authorization and
provisioning either automatically or
manually using complex approval or
workflow engines.
Build a tool using SQL, PL/SQL to help the DBA team efficiently manage the increasing number of mission critical databases and which will not only propagate the same changes across a large number of databases quickly, but also reduce possibilities of mistakes, all while making it easy for others to monitor database change activity.
Development of send and receive request for provisioning system that sends set of identifiers to the manufacturing system and receives acknowledgement once a unique identifier is allocated for all manufactured devices in a Java, Jboss, JProfiler, Hibernate environment.  
Designed and implemented an Automated Email Verify and Monitor framework to verify that generated email meets specific conditions in order to ensure proper operation of mail generation and delivery process using Java, Jboss, XML, Oracle technologies.
In the Digital Signature Luna Devices Refresh Project the client was highly concerned about the roll out of the project as the major revenue security device was getting upgraded. The project was rolled out on time and not a single issue was reported even after 3 months after the roll out.
Built reporting module around existing Generic Mail Service to derive Hourly, Daily, Monthly and Yearly statistics on emails sent, opened counts, undelivered emails etc which was very much needed by business for analytics.  
Designed and developed an online mortgage application, which facilitates the completion of loan application by guiding the applicants through the loan process from submittal to the approval of a loan.
Provided project management for Web App Support which created a set of libraries, tools, and/or services to make it easier for application teams to build web applications and re-use transactions.
Web security assessment to find vulnerabilities like SQL/XSS and other injection flaws, CSRF, information disclosure and improper error handling, broken authentication/authorization, insecure communication, malicious file execution, privilege escalation on web applications.
Improvements to look and feel of enterprise application system used for generating internal and external communications based on user feedback and in collaboration with in-house UX/UI designers. Implemented redesign of various features, modal windows, customization of jQuery lightbox plugins.
Initiated and built front end code libraries with visual effects and functionalities using HTML, JavaScript and CSS in a highly agile environment to build mission critical J2EE based web applications for provisioning and configuration management for revenue driven consumer products, tightly coupled with core worldwide manufacturing processes.
Responsible for design, architecture, implementation and testing of iPhone, iPad application on iOS platforms for a mail promotion system that sends out millions of email messages worldwide.  
Introduced and established Autosys workload automation management tools in large infrastructure and installed / configured/documented Autosys R11.3 with failover process using Oracle 10g.
Full black box penetration testing of one of external class C network that included network security assessment to find vulnerabilities on the network, server software layer and find other sensitive information that is publicly available on Internet about the target.
Enhanced existing online banking application to re-structure the checking and saving product lines, which involves re-packaging the products lines, change the product availability among various states within the U.S, as well as re-structure the banking fees using Spring, MVC, JSTL technologies.  
Project involved authoring JavaScript and employing jQuery library to implement more complex functionality such as in fading and timed mouseovers, accordions and sliding divs to create a easy to use, intuitive system that boasts a clean and consistent visual interface with logical screen progression and interactive elements for a self-service, intranet application to request, update, remove and manage user accounts.
Created over 300 SSL certificates for Retail ACL Management project designed to consolidate the access lists (ACLs) to increase security and reduce complexity for applications subject to PCI and SOX compliance in preparation for migrating to a stateful firewall.
Primary responsibility was to investigate and audit the current state of the Apropos system. Analyzed the 83 servers that are currently part of the Apropos system to capture all of the relevant information and configuration on each of those servers and proposed solution on how to correct those issues in order to increase the resiliency, security and performance of the entire Apropos system.  
Designed and developed a complete search framework from scratch with filters that can parse both email body as well as different type of attachments and evaluate each email against the search criteria, with any matching emails get copied to a specific location for security admin to review them.
Improved an account migration tool to balance the Oracle 10g, 11g database load and improve performance of deletes, apart from providing training for performance tuning and troubleshooting performance issues.
The scope of In Product Licensing project was to understand the capacity of existing hardware and tune the J2EE parameters from application software stack to understand the peak load supported by the system. Entire WebLogic setup was done and the project met the guaranteed capacity and response time with 30% resource utilization.  
enterprise application development

Software has become critical to advancement in almost all areas of human endeavor and today’s software applications are far more complex; typically have graphical user interface and client-server architecture.

From smart customization of pre-developed cross-platform standalone and client-server business applications to full-cycle development of feature-rich web applications along our client’s vision, we are uniquely positioned to deliver cost effective and reliable software solutions.

Our expertise comprises a comprehensive set of open-source and proprietary technologies that allows us to execute the most challenging and complex projects and satisfy our client’s requirements, preferences and expectations.

  project management & analysis

The management of software development is heavily dependent on four factors: People, Product, Process, and Project and in the Order of Dependency, the people factor ranks number one.

Software development being a people centric activity requires good, competent project managers, and the manager selection is most crucial and critical.

We provide mature and quality project management services focusing on vital elements like project communication, requirements gathering, knowledge transfer and change and risk management and reporting.

  technology infrastructure services

Sound infrastructure is a fundamental requirement for delivering the applications which make business efficient, competitive and adaptable. With that in mind, we offer range of services to clients endeavoring to advance the capabilities of their existing secure, 24x7, high available information technology infrastructure and services.

Our services areas cover Middleware and Web Services Engineering; Network Engineering, Operations and Support; Server and Storage Engineering, and Desktop Services.

Robust security is a must to protect vital data and minimize risk, as new threats emerge all the time. We respond with security services including information security management, intrusion detection and protection, penetration testing management and support.

quality assurance &

As robustness, reliability and stability are becoming increasingly important for the success of any software application or product, Quality Assurance & Testing has become an integral part of SDLC.

Developing bug free code is a major challenge for the software industry and the cost of identifying and fixing bugs post deployment is much higher than if done during the development phase.

We fully comprehend the dynamics involved and offer quality assurance and testing services integrated with software development for greater efficiency, reliability and cost reduction.

  database development & administration

Database technology is an integral part of success of just about any software or web application development support, and holds prominence in today's environment where emerging technology such as Cloud gain importance and acceptance.

Our suite of services includes proactive assessment of databases, designing and architecting new database systems, performance tuning and seamlessly maintaining production systems.

We work alongside our clients to deliver reliable, scalable, high-performing database systems to support their most valuable asset, "data".

  user interaction &
user experience

"User-Friendly" is today's buzzword, and as software and web applications become progressively more complex it is even more critical to provide users with a rich, interactive experience.

Design of intuitive user interface is one of the most powerful tools in the quest for providing great user experience and we offer complete user-centric UI/UX services.

We promote simple yet efficient, high-quality pixel perfect user interaction experience to improve usability of web applications across a vast landscape of browsers, personal computers, and mobile devices.

Service Checklist
  • Client Server
  • Java, J2EE, JMS, Perl, PL/SQL, SQL
  • C, C++, Cocoa, Objective C, OOP
  • Web
  • JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • EJB, JSP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, XML
  • Mobile
  • Objective C, iPhone SDK
  • Technical Project Management
  • Project Lead, PMO
  • Manager (Applications, Development)
  • Manager (Database, Networking)
  • Manager (Security, QA)
  • Technical requirements
  • System Documentation
  • Business Analysis
  • Functional and Design Specification
  • Authentication, Authorization
  • Access Control, LDAP
  • Centralized Server, Disk Storage
  • Network Backup
  • LAN/WAN Configuration/Support
  • Firewall Configuration/Support
  • Load balancers
  • Directory Services
  • Identity Management
  • Solaris, Linux, Windows OS
  • Weblogic, Websphere, Jboss
  • Tomcat, Apache, IIS
  • EMC, Hitachi, Brocade
  • Cisco, Foundry, Juniper
  • Citrix/Netscalar
  • Cryptography
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • NOC/Technical Support
  • Quality Metrics
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Code Review
  • Functional Testing
  • Database Testing
  • System Testing
  • Unit & Integration Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Black /Gray/White Box Testing
  • Performance and Stability Testing
  • Stress & Load Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Build acceptance, Sanity Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Bug tracking & reporting
  • Test Case Design
  • Test Plan & Scripts
  • Test Automation
  • Planning & Design
  • Architecture & Integration
  • Custom database development
  • Performance Tuning
  • Data replication
  • Clustering
  • Migration
  • Database Installation
  • Patches, Upgrades & Refreshes
  • Oracle Applications Patching & Cloning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Database Security Management
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • RMAN
  • User Surveys
  • Wireframes, Prototypes
  • User Flows, Task Maps
  • Storytelling
  • Design Patterns
  • User Profiles
  • Content Inventory, Style Guides
  • User Testing
  • Analytics
  • Visual Design
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